You can go hog wild on playing your guitar trying to find new riffs and melodies, but once you discover something you need to find the proper meter that works with the song. Get your foot tapping. Feel the groove?, lucky you!.

Most songs are in 4/4 time. I don’t claim to be a theory expert, and sometimes too much theory takes the magic out of it but that’s just my opinion. We are all different in how we learn, but you do need some theory to make sense out of the basics. A good songwriting tip on how to write a song musically is that you need proper timing in order to blend those country music lyrics you come up with.

It’s always good to construct a lift melody before hitting the chorus. They are usually just a couple of chords. Most of the time the chorus uses the same chord as the opening verse with just a slight switching around of the chord phrasing.

The bridge, if you use one, also uses different chords to break away from what you used in the verses and chorus. Also the writing of the music and the lyrics for the bridge is usually the most challenging of all the writing. But hang in there and stay on it and it will come to light. Though finding riffs is fun, it is important that they fit it within the song in order to be cohesive and pleasing to your audience.

Study with a good teacher for a while, as it will save you endless time if your serious about how to write songs in a metered way.

So in summary go into the deep realm in your search for riffs, and once you find what works, construct it in a metered cohesive manner. Your listeners will thank you.

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