Everyone agrees in Nashville circles meaning publishers and songplugger’s,  at least what I get the drift on.
Their looking for upbeat songs ,the short minute fast songs.
So if your trying to pitch to above folks
You should concentrate your efforts on upbeat songs, a good songwriting tip
A new way to look at life and love with a new twist goes a long way, a good songwriting tip
Though ballads get recorded and played all the time ,
You’ll hear more more upbeat songs then ballads on the radio, a good songwriting tip
Knocking women isn’t a good subject to write about , though songs knocking men do well, go figure.
If you’ve been hurt you can change the dark subject into something positive or even better something funny in your lyrics.
A good songwriting tip on your songwriting/

Another songwriting tip I’ve heard the phrase a few times” KISS” , make it stupid simple on your lyrics.

A songwriting tip I just read from Larry Butler’s book ” Just For The Record”, Don’t use throw away lines , Meaning if the line does not say anything really…. toss it and make every line count. I’ve heard these phrases and tips before , But reading Larry’s bio kind of drove it home . He was a very interesting funny and talented man , I wish I could have met him he seem real cool.  You should pick up the book, it’s inspiring. Writing this blog keeps me in the writing mode and I learn too from writing it. Not sure on this song just writing that’s whats important

Run Forest Run”

Life’s a box of chocolates we all know
If you take a luscious bite
Shes no berry son
She’s a jaded gone south Jezebel
In the dark hiding in the wip-poor-wills
Run forest run fast as you can
Run Forest run fast as you can
She’ll wreck your life then drop ya flat
Gimme Gimme all for me
She’s a wild ride never free
Run Forest run fast as you can
Find a good girl that trusts the lord
Like Magnolia blossoms
That believes in love
She’ll give you real respect
A heart full of warm sunsets
Run forest run fast as you can
chorus 2
Run forest run fast as you can
To the sweet girl that loves you back
Shimmer shimmer in her eyes
You’ll find your life in her smile
Run Forest run fast as you can