After playing a song for a Curb publishing Representative I thought I had the title hook in the song plenty enough times
So I will have to add it one more time at the end of chorus a good song writing tip on your songwriting
In commercial writing they want to drive home that hook so its remembered and listeners will be humming that chorus a good songwriting tip
The point in doing that I think is to make the listener listen to the story more thoughtfully
Like being motivated to keep listening to the story, Theirs a method to the theory in doing that
Interesting musical hooks do the same thing in between the verse’s or chorus to keep the listener involved
I’ve mentioned this many times but a fresh way at looking at life that’s clever catches the ears of the listener
In today’s music it seems often to over produced in some songs , I believe simplicity can capture hearts more readily
But again simplicity with clever heartfelt lines or hooks as we call them . A good songwriting tip on your your songwriting from my view.

I think studying books taking lessons helps , but writing tons of songs is the best teacher , eventually it sinks in what makes a great song , along with living life to its fullest to get the songs . Lets face it you live life safe you’ll get safe songs , You have to be in storms to catch the lightning.