If your impatient like me you want the hear what the studio can do with your song you just wrote.
And see your songwriting come to life

Costs of pro demos can range from $300.00 on up.
But lets Stop and see if your song is worthy of a demo production and your songwriting is up to par
Have you followed the guide lines on how to writes songs?
A/ Is the first line in verse one a grabber?
B/ Does your story build and use fresh lines?
C/ Is every line in the verses pointing to the chorus?
D/ Is the chorus really catchy, memorable title on your songwriting?
E/How about that bridge is it adding something to your story, a little twist?.
G/ Have you ran it by pro critique person and rewritten if need be?.
F/ Is your melody fresh?
Remember the studio player’s will get inspired if your lyrics and melody is
good and they feel your country music lyrics are good, or songwriting in general.

Here’s a simple guitar vocal of mine
It’s just a campfire song country music lyrics.
Your songs or mine have to be monster songs to compete in the tuff market.


I was stricken by fear for the longest time
The world was tough and so unkind
Then you came along and easied my pain
Stopped the storm and slowed the rain
Now everything is better I’ll make it through

You’re the shelter in my heart
Given me a brand new start
You’re the mountain against the wind
Keeping me safe again
Your love is standing guard
Your the shelter in my heart

No more giving up no more giving in
I finally found my new best friend
The clouds fade away with just your smile
Now I’m going the extra mile
And the winter has quickly turned to spring
repeat chorus

These are songwriting tips on how to write a song.
You might not need a full production demo, maybe just a guitar vocal will do for now.
Then you can add to it later if you think or some pros think it’s worth working on.
Why waste all that money if your not sure , especially if your going to bat and competing with top nashville writers on country music lyrics for a cut on a artist cd.

So in summary read my other articles first on songwriting and get some feedback on how to write songs.
Basically a good demo studio can make a political speech sound great and believable.
So you really want to make sure your song is honed and polished before you spring for a full demo and your songwriting is top notch.