You don’t have to be a scholar to write a good song. I dropped out of school in the 11th grade, nothing really interested me in school.  It was only when I started writing songs that I became interested in learning on how to write a song and always loved country music. Well all music for that matter.

If you have the desire to write a song then that’s all you need. But by learning some basic rules of songwriting, you will  be ahead of the pack. A very smart songwriting tip on how to write a song.

Lets talk about titles.

The best titles are short ones, even better yet are one word’ titles.  For example “Me” is a title of a song I wrote.

I’ve thrown enough caution in the wind
It’s time to reel myself in
All the stupid things that’s drilling a hole so deep….
Take one long step back
And reconnect with me
I’m tired of the pain scared of the rain
Following me
I need to be strong Feel this song
So I believe
I need to reconnect with me
I’ve disregarded all the signs
Now there’s a nightmare in my mind
This panoramic view of a drowning man in stormy seas now I see
Take one long step back
And reconnect with me
Repeat chorus
Now there’s going to be hell to pay
For all the hearts that I did break
My lustful goals that took me down a road to the devils gate their
he waits
Take one long step back
And reconnect with me
repeat chorus

.Usually it is in the chorus is where your song title should be coming out.  It is always a good idea to end your chorus with the title.  Furthermore if you make your title interesting it makes the listener curious and interested in wanting to hear the story you’ve set to music. This songwriting tip will save you a lot of frustration on how to write a song. This particular song the title is in the verse too. You can get inspired on your mistakes of life or your accomplishments.

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