You don’t have to be Beethoven to write good music for a song.  Some of the greatest songs have only three or four chords total.  But, like learning basic songwriting you should also learn some basic music lessons. Find a good patient teacher or buy some basic books on the subject. This is a good idea on how to write a song and country music lyrics.

I’ll tell you a little story. I was in Nashville recording a cd. One song I had written had all these passing chords diminished 5ths ect.
The guitar player who used to play steel for James Taylor. “Said you don’t need all of that”. So the lesson here is to keep it simple on music and songwriting. How to write songs is basically narrowing down to the jewels that shine thru.
By the way them session players in Nash are very very gifted musicians. So if your going to cut a cd head for there country or not.

Like a Hurricane
Our love is like a Texas gulf storm
It’s scary sometimes
But I know my baby loves me she’s my partner in crime
The storm whistle blows in the still of the night
She begins to turn down the lights
The start of a hurricane blowin through my heart

Yea the wind starts blowin lighting strikes
The rain steadly falls
The shutters on the window rattle and shake
She loves me so wild and hard
She’s like a hurricane blowin through my heart
The aftermath is so quiet and clear
Like a old ghost town
The sun strikes the window she’s ready for one more round
There’s a hunger lying deep in her eyes
I wonder if I’ll ever survive
The start of a hurricane blowin through my heart
repeat chorus
She’s a force of nature not to argue with/
And why should I even try to resist
repeat chorus

Everyone has his hero in music, mine was and still is James Taylor.  I even tried to sound like him when learning guitar and writing songs in the beginning of my journey into music.
It’s something you’ll have to go through too.

There’s only one of you. You are unique in your outlook on life. This will come through in the writing and music that you produce with your country music. Don’t worry if you are ten years old or a hundred years old. Age doesn’t matter. All you need is the desire to learn.

A good intro of music to your song is always a nice way to lead into a song. It doesn’t have to be a complicated intro.

A common mistake is to let your guitar lead the song, this is a great songwriting tip and how to write a song. Your voice and story should be the most important part of the song with your guitar guiding it along.  By just learning a few simple chords on the guitar you can write a lot of songs, then when you learn more chords you can incorporate them into your writings. But like I said it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity and interesting are the keys of any good country songs, all genre’s for that matter.

So go ahead, and give it a try. Your baby steps now will improve faster than you think.
I will share more songwriting tips at random.

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