Most songwriters just want to be heard. Following sure-fired guidelines learned from courses studied from books and dvds will give you a better chance of having people understand what your trying to convey in your country songs.

Using rhyming schemes in your song. 

Every verse should rhyme in the same place. Meaning if your first verse rhymes on the first line and second line, verse two must also do the same. This gives your song a smooth flowing sound.  Look at verse one and verse two and see where the ryhmes are at. This is a essential songwriting tip that will help you on how to write a song.\\

He was born in a small town, raised on the gospel truth
Took a job in the city, where his faith soon lost its roots
So he packed up his lost soul, and drove back home today
Found himself at this old church, where he was saved
But what he saw was a sign on the broken door

Church for sale, it may seem weathered beyond repair
Been awhile since it heard a prayer
Needs love hammer and nails
And a fresh coat of faith
Church for sale

Echoes of Sunday sermons, bring back sweet memories
As the cracked stained glass reflects, a broken man on his knees
It’s hard now to remember why he ever ran away
But chance or faith led him to this forgotten place
Jesus swung a hammer, maybe he could too
repeat chorus

Now on a sunlit sacred day, there’s praises from every pew
And a carpenter sings Amazing Grace, who was raised on the gospel truth
repeat chorus

You have different types of rhyming in songwriting.

There are exact rhymes and close rhymes. An exact rhyme is true/blue. Close rhymes are lies/inside. Also, by using fresh rhymes, not only will your song flow better it will feel more natural. It should sound like a beautiful story. You don’t have to stress over what kind of rhymes that much if your painting a great picture with fresh ideas. But keep it in mind please.
A helpful songwriting tip on how to write a song.

What kind of rhymes you should use?

If your using the A vowel sound in Verse One then you should be using a different vowel sound in Verse two and even in the chorus. In other words you should be mixing up your vowel sounds. All these little lessons or tips should be in the back of your mind when the creative energy strikes you, they are just a road map to help you on your song’s journey. A very helpful songwriting tip that will make your songs more enjoyable to the listener with your country songs.

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