The very best songs are like short story novels.
There’s no clutter it gets to the point fast and stays there.
It sounds easy doesn’t it.

The fact of the matter it’s challenging.
It takes a lot of honing of a lyric to make it look interesting but simple
Often times we tend to think to hard to write.
Which is alright when first inspiration ideas come flying out
But after the storm has passed , then you need to slow down to simple to make it work in your lyric.

We need a interesting clever story but the make it real singable and easy to understand
to keep the listener interested with our lyrics.
Imagine driving down the freeway at 65 miles per hour
If the song is to complicated you won’t want to listen to it
It’s to thinkable
A great songwriting tip on songwriting, slow your mind down to simple when you write.
Paint your story descriptive but in simple matter.
Here’s a Willie Nelson song “Angel Flying To Close To The Ground” to observe my point.

If you had not have fallen
Then I would not have found you
Angel flying too close to the ground
And I patched up your broken wing
And hung around a while
Tried to keep your spirits up
And your fever down
I knew someday that you would fly away
For love’s the greatest healer to be found
So leave me if you need to
I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground
Fly on, fly on past the speed of sound
I’d rather see you up
Than see you down
Leave me if you need to
I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground

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