So you’ve just written your best song and that baby is done. “Wrong” as Steve Seskin penned in that great country song.
All those heart felt emotions kicking out words you understand, but the listener might not.
Now you have to fine tune it so other people can relate to it. That might mean taking out a few choice lines that are a bit too personal.
I’m not saying writing from your heart isn’t good, but you have to hone it in so other people can feel it as you do. This is a good song writing tip on how to write a song and is essential on how to write songs.

You might need to trim the fat off it, to streamline it so it’s more condensed. All those hit songs lyrics look so simple don’t they?
The reason for that is the writers went through endless rewrites on their country music lyrics to get them that way.
This song went through a few rewrites, But surprisingly it wasn’t to much.


A good choice is to get your song critiqued. Most the time if you find an industry head that has a lot of experience in songwriting.
They will give you helpful song writing tips on how to improve your song.
You will have to get thick skinned, they hear and read your lyrics differently then you do.
Your first reaction will be “How dare they find fault with my country song”.

Yes at first you won’t agree with what the critique person has told you, give it a few days and read the critique a few times.
More then likely they will be right and you will have to swallow your pride and rethink it and yes rewrite it.
It’s actually amazing as you see the puzzle fall in place better and your song becomes even stronger.
They want to help you and bring out the best potential for your song. It’s a very competitive market. is a good site to join for critiques, Once you know some basics and beyond I would recommend them.

Remember it’s the fresh lines your looking for.
Poetry is different from songwriting and it’s a fine line between them on what works.
Yes it has to be said differently from what you normaly hear, but it has to be conversational.
Try to think of it this way if a person would not say it, then its to flowery especially for a country song.
Keep up the good work, you’re on the road to being a good songwriter.
I might come off as being redundant, but I’m trying my best to make you understand.
These are are helpful songwriting tips and how to write a song.

By the way that’s Kris Kristofferson in the image
He was noted to say, “Why do you have to be so miserable to write a good song?”
I can relate to this but after the song is complete, you will feel a great satisfaction you followed through.
Clap, Clap … Good job!

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