There’s nothing worse then having a great emotional music feeling erupt then what comes out are cliches.  The problem is were all raised on them, like my foolish heart, or love is blind etc. These suggestions are to help you on how to write a song.

It’s your job as a songwriter to make up fresh lines to replace cliches,  sometimes they can’t be avoided on a song, but try to not use them. If you can make every line fresh and blend well but be conversational, your in NC land of songwriting and country music lyrics.

Try flipping cliches into something else, it’s actually kind of fun to see what you come up with. This is another songwriting tip and escaping the cliche trap. Instead of me talking about it I will show you.

“Point Of No Return”
Another songwriting tip … you  can write a cool song around a phrase that has been used before. It can work, but it better be good.


Your love felt as real
As my own heartbeat
Kept me safe inside your arms
The world could do no harm
But when I found out you were
With someone new
I read between your lies
And I’ve been dyin’ deep inside…
Til today when I took off my weddin’ ring
Threw it in a box , and forgot all our dreams

‘I”m at the point of no return , every road back to you I burned
I’m at the point of no return, my heart let go, I loved , I learned
To take back my life , I earned the right
At the point of no return

Since I walked away
Two months have flown by
I heard the girl you had to have
Left you hurtin’ really bad
You might be tempted
To call one lonely night
But I don’t want to hear your voice
When you cheated
You made your choice
repeat chorus
Now I spend time with friends who help to keep me strong
Sure feels good to know I am right where I belong
From where I stand the past is far behind me
There are new beginnings to every end in life and that’s why
repeat chorus

There’s a mix of fresh ideas and also some cliches.  The way we speak is unavoidable not to use some cliches, but trying to stay away from them is advised. A great tip on how to write a song, be it country or not. Your in the land of songwriting, once you know some basics. Your stay here will be more rewarding as you drift along learning and growing.
Inspiration the first wonder and mystery in the universe where how to write songs is king.

There’s a phrase they use in Nashville, “show it don’t say it in your writing.” Basically you want to paint a picture.  A three minute movie fashioned from words on your country songs.

So in summary try to avoid cliches as much as you can, brainperk fresh ideas.
If Your getting cliche fever but finding a great melody, Run with the melody then dig deeper to discover fresh instinctive phrases in your songwriting.

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