Willie Nelson was once asked,  “How do you become a great songwriter?”   His answer was  ”How much hell do you want to go through?”.    He’s right.  Though I won’t consider myself in his caliber in songwriting, the lesson here is about emotions and how to write a song and country music lyrics.

Do you want to write inspiring country music lyrics?. If you let love wreck or save your world you will find the right words to convey the message,  but if you learn the basics first, chances are you’ll be even more in tune as to how to present it better. Also you might actually have some pain going on within that body of yours when one of the inspiration monster’s is baking inside of you.
Don’t worry it will go away once the song has come out. You’ll get your share of upbeat happy country songs too, I promise. Take the good with the sad on how to write songs.

You may be in a stressful mood when starting a song that’s just the way it is. You can go through this hurricane of emotions when starting the song. But like I mentioned and will keep on mentioning learn the basic rules.  Why waste all that energy on a song?, because if you are not following the basics then you are wasting your time.  Don’t try to write a song while driving a car,  its dangerous if you get an idea pull over and write it down.

Songwriting is like a natural drug, when you  get on a roll it will pour out of you. There’s nothing better to have a chorus flow out of you, then a first verse.  Yes I said a chorus first that’s you core idea. Then you can build a story based on the chorus.  Every line in a verse points to the chorus the pay off as we say.

Ok so you are all full of emotions and excitement.  Your guitar has magically found a cool riff as you the start an idea and sound like a Pentecostal preacher speaking in tongues with all those ideas springing out.  Ok you got a tape recorder?.  Get one, sometimes ideas flow out you so fast that you forget all of them.  Keep going, when the inspiration is gone for a moment stop the recorder then check to see what you’ve got. That’s an idea I learned about in a book on songwriting tips, personally I don’t use one.  I hammer the song out out until it makes sense to me then jump on the computer to write verse one and chorus.

To me if the song doesn’t stick in my mind after a half hour of or so of playing a chorus or a verse, then like a terrible two’s toddler,  I get mad at the universe for wasting my time on a bad idea.  Get used to it. Not all ideas turn into songs.  The tape recorder idea is a good one try it. This might work for you on how to write a song and remember your ideas that you come up with.

Ok back to emotions.  Unfortunately  a lot of great songs that are written are about love gone wrong. Why do you think music and songwriting was born?.  The emotion of hurt gets transferred into a song,  you are dying inside, but the songwriter in you discovers this great title to explain the hurt.  I love writing positive songs, you can turn a negative thoughts into a positive ones.  I recommend letting all that negative energy go and doing just that when writing.  Try to sift through all the hurt and find something better to say than “she done me wrong” .
If you can do that  it’s like a little revenge that you turned your broken heart into something positive to say with your country songs, or whatever genre your in.
But if you can’t make the heartache song a colorful expression…. Be safe .

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