After your inspiration has blossomed and you have a solid idea springing forth
Now it’s time to hone and polish your lyric
Getting rid of buts and ands an other words you really don’t need
is essential for you songwriting technique a good songwriting tip.

Eliminate all words that you really don’t need so you get to the core of the lyric
Or the meat as Jerry Culpit likes to say a hit songwriter in Nashville.
You only have 3 minutes or so to keep listener involved
Better yet that first phrase should be a great and original line to capture the listener’s attention.
along with a cool melody hook.

Pretend your talking to someone when writing that helps to make it more clear.
A good songwriting tip and songwriting technique.
Often we think Shakespeare instead of Will Roger’s when writing.
The more easy it is to understand the better
But still making it interesting too.
So get on that horse of songwriting
If you fall off get back on.