If you write from your heart as I often do, meaning not a contrived story
When you go to get it critiqued from industry heads
They might want you to change some parts , they don’t do it out of spite
It’s just to further your song along to compete in a tuff market

But you have the final say on how the song will turn out a good songwriting tip.
If you rewrite so much it loses it’s orginal feel, then you’ve went to far
After all it is more of a spirtual conquest for you to write isn’t it ?
So take it as a grain of salt when you do your rewrites
After all there’s more to life then trying to get a number one hit
If you’re happy with the final results of your song, thats all that mattters
You can share your song with the world thru social media a great songwriting tip
You didn’t become a song writer for the money anyway did you?, No I didnt think so.
So keep a balance on whats important in your songwriting.