If you’ve studied my articles on rhymes , you know it’s necessary to keep a fluent rhyming pattern going on.
Meaning if you rhyming line one on the last word on your first verse to the second line on your first verse
You must do the same on verse 2. A good song writing tip on your songwriting
A inline rhyme would be rhyming inside the line of a verse line
For instance this line for a example
Does she love me me I’m in to deep deep deep
That’s from a song called Riding Loves Tiger I wrote
If you do that same rule apply’s to doing that again to second verse inline rhymes
Meaning if you doing inline ryhme’s on first line verse one
You must also do that on first line second verse, a very good song writing tip on your songwriting
Sometimes it comes natural to do that sometimes you have to work on it
Keep up the good work and the good fight on your songwriting .