The main hook is usually in your chorus and sometimes in your verse’s too
Hooket’s are little catchy saying’s in your chorus or verse that catch the listeners ears
You always want to make your hooket’s lead to the main story and title the main hook.
It can’t be to obscure it has to be conversational too.

Fascinating and challenging to find them jewels to sprinkle your lyrics with.
A good song writing tip and songwriting technique is to play your guitar over and over
with first lyric until some great hooket’s come out to enhance your lyric.
Another song writing tip on songwriting and songwriting technique.
Is to keep rewriting until them hooket’s flow with the song properly.
Not leaving no stone unturned until you can do the best you can on unraveling
the mystery on what works in your lyrics.
It’s like using a hammer on a copper pot until it’s shaped just write.
Here’s one of mine called ” No More Sad Songs”

You took me by complete surprise
You were natural and warm
And needing love you touched my heart
With your beauty and your charm
Yes you were very special
You opened up a trusting door
Now I don’t listen to sad songs anymore
Your a sweet brown eyed Pina Queen
I’m a green eyed caring man
And in Cebu of the Philippines
It felt real and so right
Now I’m’ back in Dallas
Feeling loved but loving you more
Now I don’t listen to sad songs anymore
Six months crawled by much to slow
Then your visa was approved
God shed some light on us
Then you said I’ll marry you
Now were very happy
There’s a baby carried by a stork
Now I don’t listen to sad songs
And you don’t listen to sad songs
Yeah we don’t listen to sad songs anymore