Getting help from a co-writer will help you on how to write a song and improve your songwriting.
One in particular I’ve written with is Donna Aylor we seem to be like peas and carrots, we just clicked.
Donna and I have written a lot of songs together. She’s a trooper and never gives up on country music lyrics.
Yes more hearts are better then one when tackling that inspiration of an idea you have. Here’s a song that Donna, Blake and I co-wrote on.


She’s got a crack window in the kitchen
But shes a pro with duct tape
Has scratches on her knees from building a tree house
Someday’s she wears a red cape
Another single mother
Doing better than the best she can
Yeah lifes been hard but shes in charge
Despite the change in her plans
Shes a modern day laugh at her heartache
Holdin it together girl
Has wings to fly in a brand new sky
When life is like a tilt-a-whirl
Shes tender but tough theres not fluff
The pressure hasmade her a pearl
Shes a modern day laugh at her heartache
Holdin it together girl
She works two jobs to pay the mortgage
It takes a lot to raise those boys
Drives a beat up jeep shes still paying on
And the engine makes a funny noise
Ever since ole whats his name
Made the choice to walk away
She can change a flat and mow the grass
And have time for PTA
Chorus Repeat
He never gave the love she needed most
Now hes calling her on the phone
But little does he know
Shes a modern day laugh at her heartache
Makin it her own way
Holdin it together girl

Though the core idea might be yours, writing with another writer can give you insight that you might not see as a lone wolf writer on how to write songs.
It can be fun to bounce back ideas especially when one of the ideas fit. It can bring a lot of results.
Like the saying goes “If you love your work it will love you back”, actually I think i just made that up.
That’s what I am talking about on using fresh lines on other parts of my blog.
Also Blake Hill is another talented writer with whom I have had the pleasure of writing.
Mike Daniels a very gifted songsmith with good insight to the core of a song.
This is s good songwriting tip on how to write a song.

I recommend writing with other writers when learning the craft, especially if you can write with someone that has more knowledge than you.
It will give you more insight than any book, being in the trenches so to speak. That’s invaluable songwriting tip.
Not saying that books aren’t good, they are great to read and gain some knowledge and help you on how to write a song.
Working with a co-writer who might also have some connections in the industry you might not have, is another plus.

You can seek out other writers on forums or just by knowing a fellow writer in your town.
Though I do write alone sometimes because the material is to close to share with another writer.
I highly recommend writing with a co-writer to bring out the best in your idea on your country songs or any genre.

That’s John Mayer in the image, he writes some great songs and I enjoy he’s fresh ideas and his melodies.
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