Go Team! How To Write A Song With Co-writers

Getting help from a co-writer will help you on how to write a song and improve your songwriting.
One in particular I’ve written with is Donna Aylor we seem to be like peas and carrots, we just clicked.
Donna and I have written a lot of songs together. She’s a trooper and never gives up on country music lyrics.
Yes more hearts are better then one when tackling that inspiration of an idea you have. Here’s a song that Donna, Blake and I co-wrote on.

She’s got a crack window in the kitchen
But shes a pro with duct tape
Has scratches on her knees from building a tree house
Someday’s she wears a red cape
Another single mother
Doing better than the best she can
Yeah lifes been hard but shes in charge
Despite the change in her plans
Shes a modern day laugh at her heartache
Holdin it together girl
Has wings to fly in a brand new sky
When life is like a tilt-a-whirl
Shes tender but tough theres not fluff
The pressure hasmade her a pearl
Shes a modern day laugh at her heartache
Holdin it together girl
She works two jobs to pay the mortgage
It takes a lot to raise those boys
Drives a beat up jeep shes still paying on
And the engine makes a funny noise
Ever since ole whats his name
Made the choice to walk away
She can change a flat and mow the grass
And have time for PTA
Chorus Repeat
He never gave the love she needed most
Now hes calling her on the phone
But little does he know
Shes a modern day laugh at her heartache
Makin it her own way
Holdin it together girl

Though the core idea might be yours, writing with another writer can give you insight that you might not see as a lone wolf writer on how to write songs.
It can be fun to bounce back ideas especially when one of the ideas fit. It can bring a lot of results.
Like the saying goes “If you love your work it will love you back”, actually I think i just made that up.
That’s what I am talking about on using fresh lines on other parts of my blog.
Also Blake Hill is another talented writer with whom I have had the pleasure of writing.
Mike Daniels a very gifted songsmith with good insight to the core of a song.
This is s good songwriting tip on how to write a song.

I recommend writing with other writers when learning the craft, especially if you can write with someone that has more knowledge than you.
It will give you more insight than any book, being in the trenches so to speak. That’s invaluable songwriting tip.
Not saying that books aren’t good, they are great to read and gain some knowledge and help you on how to write a song.
Working with a co-writer who might also have some connections in the industry you might not have, is another plus.

You can seek out other writers on forums or just by knowing a fellow writer in your town.
Though I do write alone sometimes because the material is to close to share with another writer.
I highly recommend writing with a co-writer to bring out the best in your idea on your country songs or any genre.

That’s John Mayer in the image, he writes some great songs and I enjoy he’s fresh ideas and his melodies.
Please leave a comment I’d love to hear from you.

Simplistic is the key on songwriting : On Songwriting

The very best songs are like short story novels.
There’s no clutter it gets to the point fast and stays there.
It sounds easy doesn’t it.

The fact of the matter it’s challenging.
It takes a lot of honing of a lyric to make it look interesting but simple
Often times we tend to think to hard to write.
Which is alright when first inspiration ideas come flying out
But after the storm has passed , then you need to slow down to simple to make it work in your lyric.

We need a interesting clever story but the make it real singable and easy to understand
to keep the listener interested with our lyrics.
Imagine driving down the freeway at 65 miles per hour
If the song is to complicated you won’t want to listen to it
It’s to thinkable
A great songwriting tip on songwriting, slow your mind down to simple when you write.
Paint your story descriptive but in simple matter.
Here’s a Willie Nelson song “Angel Flying To Close To The Ground” to observe my point.

If you had not have fallen
Then I would not have found you
Angel flying too close to the ground
And I patched up your broken wing
And hung around a while
Tried to keep your spirits up
And your fever down
I knew someday that you would fly away
For love’s the greatest healer to be found
So leave me if you need to
I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground
Fly on, fly on past the speed of sound
I’d rather see you up
Than see you down
Leave me if you need to
I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground

Hooket’s in your songwriting: On Songwriting

The main hook is usually in your chorus and sometimes in your verse’s too
Hooket’s are little catchy saying’s in your chorus or verse that catch the listeners ears
You always want to make your hooket’s lead to the main story and title the main hook.
It can’t be to obscure it has to be conversational too.

Fascinating and challenging to find them jewels to sprinkle your lyrics with.
A good song writing tip and songwriting technique is to play your guitar over and over
with first lyric until some great hooket’s come out to enhance your lyric.
Another song writing tip on songwriting and songwriting technique.
Is to keep rewriting until them hooket’s flow with the song properly.
Not leaving no stone unturned until you can do the best you can on unraveling
the mystery on what works in your lyrics.
It’s like using a hammer on a copper pot until it’s shaped just write.
Here’s one of mine called ” No More Sad Songs”

You took me by complete surprise
You were natural and warm
And needing love you touched my heart
With your beauty and your charm
Yes you were very special
You opened up a trusting door
Now I don’t listen to sad songs anymore
Your a sweet brown eyed Pina Queen
I’m a green eyed caring man
And in Cebu of the Philippines
It felt real and so right
Now I’m’ back in Dallas
Feeling loved but loving you more
Now I don’t listen to sad songs anymore
Six months crawled by much to slow
Then your visa was approved
God shed some light on us
Then you said I’ll marry you
Now were very happy
There’s a baby carried by a stork
Now I don’t listen to sad songs
And you don’t listen to sad songs
Yeah we don’t listen to sad songs anymore

No Buts Or Ands about It: On Songwriting

After your inspiration has blossomed and you have a solid idea springing forth
Now it’s time to hone and polish your lyric
Getting rid of buts and ands an other words you really don’t need
is essential for you songwriting technique a good songwriting tip.

Eliminate all words that you really don’t need so you get to the core of the lyric
Or the meat as Jerry Culpit likes to say a hit songwriter in Nashville.
You only have 3 minutes or so to keep listener involved
Better yet that first phrase should be a great and original line to capture the listener’s attention.
along with a cool melody hook.

Pretend your talking to someone when writing that helps to make it more clear.
A good songwriting tip and songwriting technique.
Often we think Shakespeare instead of Will Roger’s when writing.
The more easy it is to understand the better
But still making it interesting too.
So get on that horse of songwriting
If you fall off get back on.

That Lovely Bridge What is it !: On Songwriting

So you’ve written two verse’s and a killer chorus , now what on songwriting.

What is a bridge ? It’s what it implies bridging the verse’s and chorus together.
When you write a bridge it should be three to four lines saying something different then the verse or chorus.
A conclusion so to speak. We’ve learned to continue the story.
Now you need to cap it off with a short little chapter to enhance your story.
Like a cherry on a sundae if I might be so bold for your songwriting
Picture yourself driving across a bridge and look to the right to vision the verse
Then look to your left to see your chorus now write your bridge ! A good songwriting tip for your songwriting journey ..

It’s Your Song:On Songwriting

If you write from your heart as I often do, meaning not a contrived story
When you go to get it critiqued from industry heads
They might want you to change some parts , they don’t do it out of spite
It’s just to further your song along to compete in a tuff market

But you have the final say on how the song will turn out a good songwriting tip.
If you rewrite so much it loses it’s orginal feel, then you’ve went to far
After all it is more of a spirtual conquest for you to write isn’t it ?
So take it as a grain of salt when you do your rewrites
After all there’s more to life then trying to get a number one hit
If you’re happy with the final results of your song, thats all that mattters
You can share your song with the world thru social media a great songwriting tip
You didn’t become a song writer for the money anyway did you?, No I didnt think so.
So keep a balance on whats important in your songwriting.

Go by your heartfelt gut: On Songwriting technique

People can talk to every cow comes home on whats a hit song
The thing is nobody knows it’s all a gamble
Even industry heads agree it’s a crap shoot timing and some luck

All we can do is write from the heart get it out and pray for a hail mary
somebody thinks our song will be a good match for them and lets face it make money
Though the word money makes be cringe its all part of the game in the music industry
You have to change your mindset on that , change your hat when pitching your material a good song writing tip


You need a different angle on how to view life and not be to off center to catch someones attention.

Keep up with current trends on the music. A good songwriting tip
So write from the heart when composing , then switch hats to Donald Trump when pitching
After all its biz. A wise songwriting tip.

Inline rhymes: On Songwriting technique

If you’ve studied my articles on rhymes , you know it’s necessary to keep a fluent rhyming pattern going on.
Meaning if you rhyming line one on the last word on your first verse to the second line on your first verse
You must do the same on verse 2. A good song writing tip on your songwriting
A inline rhyme would be rhyming inside the line of a verse line
For instance this line for a example
Does she love me me I’m in to deep deep deep
That’s from a song called Riding Loves Tiger I wrote
If you do that same rule apply’s to doing that again to second verse inline rhymes
Meaning if you doing inline ryhme’s on first line verse one
You must also do that on first line second verse, a very good song writing tip on your songwriting
Sometimes it comes natural to do that sometimes you have to work on it
Keep up the good work and the good fight on your songwriting .

Upbeat Songs Rule: On Songwriting Technique

Everyone agrees in Nashville circles meaning publishers and songplugger’s,  at least what I get the drift on.
Their looking for upbeat songs ,the short minute fast songs.
So if your trying to pitch to above folks
You should concentrate your efforts on upbeat songs, a good songwriting tip
A new way to look at life and love with a new twist goes a long way, a good songwriting tip
Though ballads get recorded and played all the time ,
You’ll hear more more upbeat songs then ballads on the radio, a good songwriting tip
Knocking women isn’t a good subject to write about , though songs knocking men do well, go figure.
If you’ve been hurt you can change the dark subject into something positive or even better something funny in your lyrics.
A good songwriting tip on your songwriting/

Another songwriting tip I’ve heard the phrase a few times” KISS” , make it stupid simple on your lyrics.

A songwriting tip I just read from Larry Butler’s book ” Just For The Record”, Don’t use throw away lines , Meaning if the line does not say anything really…. toss it and make every line count. I’ve heard these phrases and tips before , But reading Larry’s bio kind of drove it home . He was a very interesting funny and talented man , I wish I could have met him he seem real cool.  You should pick up the book, it’s inspiring. Writing this blog keeps me in the writing mode and I learn too from writing it. Not sure on this song just writing that’s whats important

Run Forest Run”

Life’s a box of chocolates we all know
If you take a luscious bite
Shes no berry son
She’s a jaded gone south Jezebel
In the dark hiding in the wip-poor-wills
Run forest run fast as you can
Run Forest run fast as you can
She’ll wreck your life then drop ya flat
Gimme Gimme all for me
She’s a wild ride never free
Run Forest run fast as you can
Find a good girl that trusts the lord
Like Magnolia blossoms
That believes in love
She’ll give you real respect
A heart full of warm sunsets
Run forest run fast as you can
chorus 2
Run forest run fast as you can
To the sweet girl that loves you back
Shimmer shimmer in her eyes
You’ll find your life in her smile
Run Forest run fast as you can

That Title Hook has to be redundant: On Songwriting Technique..

After playing a song for a Curb publishing Representative I thought I had the title hook in the song plenty enough times
So I will have to add it one more time at the end of chorus a good song writing tip on your songwriting
In commercial writing they want to drive home that hook so its remembered and listeners will be humming that chorus a good songwriting tip
The point in doing that I think is to make the listener listen to the story more thoughtfully
Like being motivated to keep listening to the story, Theirs a method to the theory in doing that
Interesting musical hooks do the same thing in between the verse’s or chorus to keep the listener involved
I’ve mentioned this many times but a fresh way at looking at life that’s clever catches the ears of the listener
In today’s music it seems often to over produced in some songs , I believe simplicity can capture hearts more readily
But again simplicity with clever heartfelt lines or hooks as we call them . A good songwriting tip on your your songwriting from my view.

I think studying books taking lessons helps , but writing tons of songs is the best teacher , eventually it sinks in what makes a great song , along with living life to its fullest to get the songs . Lets face it you live life safe you’ll get safe songs , You have to be in storms to catch the lightning.