I loved that movie” Crossroads ” But only hard work, persistence and learning is the key to any good craft. (Faith in God will help too.) Sometimes you will have such a intense feeling with a song, You will need to let it go for awhile. All them personal thoughts that flow out of you will be to scrambled. Tell yourself ” Lets talk like adults” and walk away for awhile. Then after the smoke settles go back and revisit your country music lyrics.

Welcome back.

Once your facing that monster again. Start to really sift through what really makes sense. It’s a calming effect and a good song writing tip. Hone and polish all the lines so it’s flowing and is conversational in your songwriting.

Count your syllables in verse one and two. Meaning if line one in verse one has 8 syllables. Then line one in verse two should have 8 syllables, and so on, One syllable over or under is fine. But no more .You should be able to lay verse one over verse two and they should line up nicely. To tell you truth I haven’t mastered laying verse one to match verse two perfectly it’s very hard to do. That’s still a mystery to me. Its a very interesting concept. Using your guitar and singing when writing helps. Because not all words work. I know it’s frustrating.

You come up with a great line, but sounds like Daffy Duck when you sing it.  They have to sing well too.

Great your closing in. Is your story paying off in the chorus? It has to pay off and flow conversationally to your chorus.
Remember I said I’d be with you in the About page? Here is one of mine. I know it’s sad , what can I say.
It takes guts to face your demons on how to write songs.
Remember envy should always be followed by inspiration, Yes indeed.
You crush the soul with honest sadness…. light can spring forth.
Songs float around in the universe ,
I guess my catcher’s heart’s glove caught this one…. Hey I got this one.
A good songwriting tip is to real yourself back in after writing some torch song.

“With Every Heartbeat”
Echoes of her voice are in my head
I’m leaving you is all she said
Her pretty face is surrounding me
But now its nitemares instead dreams
I’m hurting in my soul
Memories and lies that she told
This damn pain in my chest
I’m a human wreck
Because every heartbeat that I have
Brings a heartache

Jim beam whiskey and this old juke box
I drop a quarter into the slot
Then a jones haggard song fills the air
Reminding me that lifes not fair

So in summary you might have your heart glove out to catch a song.
But the more knowledge you have the better you be able to translate it for your audience.
Also let go for while if it’s to intense , come back and revisit it with a calm outlook.
And polish your songwriting on each one you do.

That’s Almighty God and the ole Devil in the pic by the way.

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