Song Rhymes Are Ear Candy!

Most songwriters just want to be heard. Following sure-fired guidelines learned from courses studied from books and dvds will give you a better chance of having people understand what your trying to convey in your country songs. Using rhyming schemes in your song.  Every verse should rhyme in the same place. Meaning if your first […]

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Oh The Horror And Joy… Songwriting Emotions

Willie Nelson was once asked,  “How do you become a great songwriter?”   His answer was  ”How much hell do you want to go through?”.    He’s right.  Though I won’t consider myself in his caliber in songwriting, the lesson here is about emotions and how to write a song and country music lyrics. Do you want […]

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Step Right Up! Your Song Writing Education

You don’t have to be a scholar to write a good song. I dropped out of school in the 11th grade, nothing really interested me in school.  It was only when I started writing songs that I became interested in learning on how to write a song and always loved country music. Well all music for that […]

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