Often when a new songwriter starts his or her journey, they start off on the wrong foot, meaning they don’t know the proper structure of a song.  They will write three or four verses before writing a chorus.  Most songs heard on the radio have this type of structure:  one or two verses, then the chorus, another verse, then chorus, bridge, then the chorus again. This a good songwriting tip on how to write a song and writing country songs.

I wish I would have learned this songwriting tip early on.
Though I did come up with a unusual structured song with “Undefinable Love” when first starting off.
Its two verse’s then one bridge and a verse again.

Our love is an unstoppable fire
Burning between your heart and mine
A story book feeling, giving wings to verse and rhyme
From that first look, I saw a smile on your face
Telling me that this has to be fate
But love is so hard to explain
Like the a sun when it shines in the rain
Its indescribable, undefineable love

Our love is two touching of souls
Hearts beating fast out of control
Into the flame, no yesterdays in the way
From that first kiss came an innocent touch
A shimmering light shining on us
Love is so hear to describe
But I know when I look in your eyes
Its indescribeable, undefineable love

And you put it all in motion
It was you making all of my dreams so real

Our love is a sunset at sea
While holding you tight, I’ve leaned to believe
All this devotion sealed on a night like this
From that first day, I knew in my heart
To the last day this love will stay strong
Yes love is so hard to define
But I thank the Lord that your’e mine
It’s in indescribable, undefineable love

It’s indescribeble, undefineable love

Verses set up the story then the chorus drives the point home.  A bridge, which is only about four lines, adds a little twist to the story.  It would be wise to study structure first before writing your first song, you’ll be more pleased with your results.  So it would look like this:

v1 / chorus / v2/ chorus/ bridge / chorus……or no bridge at all.
You can write a lot songs with these structures.
Who knows after learning these, You might just break the rules and become the next prodigy and start a new trend.
But first learn the basics.


This is a different kind of structure. Hear how it lays out.

Most songs are about four to eight lines in verses then four to six lines in chorus.  As mentioned above the  bridge is about four lines.  Also, the length of your song should be in the three to four minute range, if you stay in the structure above you’ll be in that range.  Usually songs are about finding love losing love and so on. But writing about anything will work as long as it’s good, And people can RELATE. The Whole Key.

The name of the song or ‘hook’, as songwriter’s call it, is very important.  You want to make it catchy, to stand out or catch the listener’s ears. The more interesting you make the title and the story, the better the song.  I’m talking on the commercial side of writing. Don’t let that word scare you, it just means relating to a larger audience and a good idea on how to write a song, especially country songs.

So in summary here are two few tips on your songwriting journey, one is that the more you learn FIRST before diving in, the better your song will turn out, two is that purchasing a good book or dvd on the basics will save you hours of frustration.   I know because  I’ve stood in your shoes.  Enjoy your journey.  I will post more blogs on the subject.  You can hear “On The Other Side Of My Heart”  on my music page . I will share other songwriting tips on how to write a song.

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