When it comes to songwriting your chorus is your best friend. This is great tip on how to write a song and how the chorus fits in. That’s the part people sing in the shower if they like your song. “Chuckle” They might remember a few words to a verse, but if your chorus is memorable they’ll be hummming that chorus over and over. The verses always sets up the story then the chorus drives the point home whatever your story might be on your songwriting.
A good hook line will be repeated a few times in the chorus in a country song.

I’ve been searchin’ my whole life just for you
I know inside that dreams come true
For my eyes are blessed/ with your sweet face
How did I live so long without
My heart was stuck in an awful drought
Now beside you/ I’m in a sacred place
(Cause) when a heart needs love
It will crawl through fire
When a heart needs love
It will walk on wire
Baby…. I’m deep in your soul
Like you’re in mine
When a heart needs love
It will take that chance
When a heart needs love
Just to dance and romance
I’m always gonna smile… knowing that you’re mine
(That you’re mine)
Verse 2
I’ll be your shelter and I’ll keep you warm
And like the dawn when the sun’s reborn
Yes, I’ll be there/ lovin’ you so much
I think about you constantly
And it’s always tender thoughts for me
Every day begins/ right when I feel your touch
Repeat Chorus
God knows you’re my road home
I want to say, “How strong I’ve grown”
Repeat Chorus

The hook or name of the song is repeated four times in the chorus.That drives the point home and what the listener will be remembering if you’ve done your job right on your country music lyrics.
If you notice the verse’s is setting up the story.Then the almighty chorus is exploding with the pay off to the story that’s being told.

Study the lyric and see how it lays out, this perhaps one of the best songs I’ve written, of course I always say that after every country song. But it’s a good example of a well laid out chorus. This song had a more negative slant on it on the first demo. Mike Daniels my co-writer, he helped put the singer in a more favorable light with updated lyrics. He had to drag me like a mule to except this version. That’s a good lesson on not getting to attached on how to write songs.
Until you’ve hashed over what works best for the song. These are good songwriting tips and will help you on how to write a song.

That’s Sheryl Crow in the image
I’ve always admired her writing. She paints some wonderful story’s and has written some lovely songs.

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