What Essay Writing and Songwriting Have in Common?

You might think that writing essays and writing songs are about as far apart as playing the piano and surgery, but you’d be wrong. The two have a surprising amount of overlap once you get good at them.

That’s down to the fact that a well-written essay obeys a lot of the same principles as a well-written song. What am I talking about? Well, read on.

Good songs have a central theme

Okay, not all songs. There are some ballad type things that go all over the map (though even then they’ll generally have something that holds them together). Most other songs, however, are about one thing and one thing only.

Sure, the different verses can take a different angle on what is being said. But nonetheless, they all contribute to carrying you down the road to convince you of their central claim.

The nature of the argument

How they do so obviously differs. Songs are emotional affairs while essays are more analytical and argumentative. At the same time, it’s not the case that there is no overlap here either. You see, while songs might be emotional they do need an internally consistent logic.

Similarly, while essays should be based on logically coherent arguments and reference high-quality articles, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be emotionally appealing. After all, we’ve all heard completely sound arguments and remained utterly unconvinced by them because we didn’t like the person making the argument. Now, that’s not how science is supposed to work, but it’s still people doing science. So make it easy for them to like what you’re saying by writing in an appealing, accessible and friendly way.

Simple is better

It’s possible to write incredibly complicated songs that do well. It isn’t easy, however. Songs that are far more likely to do well stick to a theme and explain it simply with language and ideas we can all understand.

Interestingly – and despite what many students think – the same is true of essays. The best writers are stars at taking complicated ideas and explaining them in a simple way – this is true of the famous writers as well as when you buy essays online. The first step towards doing exactly that is to make sure that the language you use is accessible and the sentences you use aren’t too long.

Also, just like in songs, use something similar to a refrain where you recall the point you’re trying to make in the same way (or at least close to the same way) as you previously did. This serves to bring your readers back into the fold and make sure that they continue to understand the nature of your arguments.

And then there is rhythm

Did you know that good essays have rhythm? You probably heard something about this back when you were in high school. The teacher referred to it as iambic pentameter. Yes, that thing Shakespeare used.

The interesting thing is, it isn’t just that long-dead geezer that used rhythm in his writing. Good writers nowadays are just as capable of using rhythm, repetition, and patterns in their language to make their essays more appealing.

You can do so as well. Try mentioning things in threes (read my lips. No more taxes). Vary the lengths of your sentences so that they don’t become monotonous. And use the same sentence structure when you’re trying to link two ideas.

Things like that will make what you’re writing easier to understand and far more appealing.